13 May 2014

Jamboree - Will the Marriott Have WiFi?

Q&A of the Day: Will the Marriott have wifi?

The short answer is "yes" in the public areas (including the lobby, meeting rooms, and pavilions.) Exhibitors who plan on using wifi should get in touch with Leo Myers to arrange for Internet service in their exhibit booths.

The more accurate answer is "yes... but."  We can't guarantee how it will perform at any given time or any particular location in the venue.

We have been assured by the Marriott staff that they have beefed up the bandwidth substantially over last year. What that means in terms of your connectivity, we can't promise. We can assure everyone that wifi and parking have been the two areas of improvement mentioned consistently in our feedback to the hotel.

Just to be safe, Jamboree rents mobile hotspots for the use of speakers whose presentations are dependent on Internet access. You might want to consider doing the same, if Internet access is critical to you.

Our vendor is Travel Entertainment iPads. We've worked with them for the past couple of years and have been very happy with the equipment and service they provide. In addition to hotspots, they also have iPads for rent.

And one more thing. The sleeping rooms use wired Internet, and the Marriott charges for its use. Here are the costs posted on the Marriott website. Only one device can be used at a time with the wired access.
  • High Speed: Check email + browse the Web for $5.95/day
  • Enhanced High Speed: Video chat, download large files + stream video for $13.95/day

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