08 May 2014

Jamboree - Top 10 Reasons to Use the Jamboree App

Click the image to download the app
Top 10 Reasons to Use the Jamboree App:

10 - Know where you're going, when and why. I don't know about you, but I'd love to have something like this at home when I walk into the kitchen and then stand there, trying to remember why. Just imagine how helpful it will be at the Marriott.

9 - Plan your first and second choice classes in each time block and add them to your schedule. It's much easier to come up with a Plan B before you need it. It's like choosing both a boy's name and a girl's name back in the day when prospective parents had to wait nine whole months before learning pink or blue.

8 - Sync your schedule across several devices so you'll stay in control no matter what gadget you use -- well, as long as your device is charged. We can't help with that except to point you to one of the (few) available outlets and suggest one of these (the MyCharge Peak 6000) or another charger. I love my 6000.

7 - Keep all the Jamboree information in one easily accessible place. That doesn't mean you can ignore the Pink Sheets because we had to work really hard to find enough pink trees to yield 13,000-some legal-sized sheets of paper.

6 - Get updates and breaking news from Jamboree organizers. Important things such as schedule updates, room switches, extra tickets for banquets and breakfasts, and winners of free Jamboree registrations. You don't want to miss those, do you?

5 - Send tweets and read tweets, follow Jamboree blog posts and keep track of SCGS Facebook posts from within the app. We never want you to leave the app. Ever. Seriously, we would feed you through the app if it didn't make a mess on the screen. Maybe next year.

4 - Download syllabus handouts and read them directly on your mobile device. That is, unless you're committed to working out and prefer to haul around the 460-page printed syllabus. All. Day. Long. It  weighs only about 2-1/2 pounds. (Note: a few syllabus article are not available for download at the request of the speaker.) By the way, the printed syllabus is available for pre-order before May 24. We will have a few copies available for purchase while they last, but why run the risk. If you really want a syllabus, order it in advance and pick it up at Jamboree.

3 - The Dashboard is your road map to the features of the app. Click on those rotating banners for special offers and information from Jamboree, from exhibitors, and from virtual exhibitors who are very sad because they can't be in Burbank in person.

2 - Add your personal touch to make the app even more amazing. Upload and share your Jamboree photos to the Photo Gallery. Set up your profile and add a photo of yourself. If you're extremely shy, an undercover spy or just want to remain anonymous, think about adding a photo of you from the 1960s. We will notice if you use a photo of Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix.

And the Number 1 reason to download the Jamboree app:

1 - It would be bad form to suggest that you can use the app to track your favorite speakers by using their photos to recognize them, read their bios to learn more about them, and click on their presentations to follow them through the Marriott. So instead, I'll just say, the #1 reason to use the Jamboree App is:

It will make you one of the Very Cool Kids and you'll be the first person picked when choosing sides for basketball.*

So Download The App Already

*with apologies to Janis Ian, "At Seventeen" (1976)


Unknown said...

I could not get any internet reception on my phone or iPad last year so I don't know why this would help me!

Paula from SCGS said...

We can't promise that connectivity will be good, bad, ugly, or (we hope) wonderful this year. We have been told by the Marriott that they have beefed up their bandwidth and are keeping our fingers crossed.

There's another post on the blog about WiFi. You can read it here: http://genealogyjamboree.blogspot.com/2014/05/jamboree-will-marriott-have-wifi.html