16 May 2014

Jamboree - Getting the Most out of a Genealogy Conference

Whether you are a long-time veteran of large genealogy conferences like NGS, FGS or Jamboree, or if this is your first time venturing to an event, you can benefit from experiences of other family historians.
You'll find lots of how-to articles in a Google search, but we'll save you that work. Here are some blog posts and articles that will help you know what to expect.

Here is a series of posts from the Jamboree blog:
Getting the Most out of Jamboree Part 1
Early Planning = Success

Getting the Most out of Jamboree Part 2
If you Can't be in 10 Places at Once
Attacking the Exhibit Hall
What to Pack

Getting the Most out of Jamboree Part 3
At the Conference

More insights:
Don't Be a Wallflower at Your First Genealogy Conference! by The Armchair Genealogist

What is a Genealogy Conference Anyway? by Kimberly Powell

Preparing for a Genealogical Conference by Michael John Neill
Getting the Most from Genealogy Conferences by Karin D. Berry

Getting the Most out of Genealogical Conferences Redux by Gena Philibert-Ortega

10 Reasons to Attend a Genealogy Conference - Terri from Findingourancestors.com

Prepare Before Attending a Genealogy Conference - Granite Genealogy Blog

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