26 May 2014

Jamboree - Genealogy World Schedule Announced

(Please note - the correct time of the first Genealogy World session is 9:00am. This blog has been updated to reflect the change.)

One of the most popular activities of Jamboree occur as part of Genealogy World.  Genealogy World, a free-form round table discussion, is designed as a way for family history researchers to exchange ideas, tips and tricks that they have developed pertaining to geographic, ethnic or topic-specific challenges.

Round tables of 10 people are set up in Pavilion 1 on Friday morning during JamboFREE. Genealogy World, as well as all of the activities of JamboFREE, is open the public at no charge.

Genealogy World table hosts help keep the conversation moving and make sure that everyone has a chance to ask questions, make suggestions, or relate successful techniques that can be adopted by others.

Two Genealogy World sessions will be held in 2014. The first session runs from 9:00am to 10:15am; the second runs from 10:30am to 12:00pm. One change we've made for 2014 is to devote half of each Genealogy World session to the use of DNA. From beginner to expert, you'll find just the table you need to help work through your DNA mysteries. (DNA people, be sure to bring your passwords if you want assistance interpreting your results. The Pavilion will have WiFi access.)

Here are the table line-ups. Look for handouts, signs and volunteers to guide you to the correct table. We'll also post the table map on the app for your reference.

  1    Lineage Research - Diane Stephens
  2    Southern U.S. - John Hasha
  3    Land Deeds - Georgine Herd
  7    French Canadian/ New England - Suzy Goulet
13    DNA-Incorporating DNA Research into Genealogy - Dave Dowell
14    DNA-Incorporating DNA Research into Genealogy - Cheri Mello
15    DNA-in Ireland and/or Irish Caribbean Ancestry - Dr. Maurice Gleeson
16    DNA-YDNA Beginner Help, (especially those with Scottish surnames) - Jim McAuley
17    DNA- Advanced YDNA SNPs and Haplotrees - Alice Fairhurst
18    DNA-Test Company Comparisons - Angie Bush
19    DNA-Autosomal Websites and Third Party Tools - Blaine Bettinger, PhD, JD
20    DNA-Autosomal DNA Help for Beginners - Kathleen Cooper, Carol Wootton, Stacie Abney etc.
21    DNA-Autosomal Chromosome Mapping Help - Tim Janzen, MD
22    DNA-Adoptees - Doug Neslund AKA Griffeth

Rotating DNA  Consultants/Triage 
Kathy Johnston, Bonny Cook
can also answer questions about the X chromosome and mitochondrial DNA
SESSION 1 - 8:30am to 10:15am
  4    Scandinavian Research - Lynn Anderson
  5    English Research - Bill Luther
  6    Jewish Research - Jane Neff Rollins
  8    Technology and Social Media - Thomas MacEntee
  9    Chinese/Oral History - Anna Gee
10    Looking for Identity via Genealogy - Bernice Bennett
11    Mexican Research - John Schmal
12    Jewish/DNA - Daniel Horowitz

SESSION 2 - 10:30am - 12:00pm Session

  4    Nordic Research - Peggy Wishon and Lynn Anderson
  5    Irish Research - Marge Rossini
  6    Italian Research - Toni Perron
  8    Technology and Social Media - Randy Seaver
  9    African American Research - Nicka J. Smith
10    Native American Research - Paula Stuart-Warren
11    Massachusetts (Early Settlers) - Mandee Baird
12    Jewish/DNA - Schelly Talalay Dardashti

Thank you to all of the table hosts who have volunteered their time to facilitate the conversation, and to Lisa Howison who answered the call for help from Jean Hibben, Coleen Briggs, Kathy Johnston and Bonny Cook, who worked so diligently to organize the event. 

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