12 May 2014

Jamboree: Fun With Numbers - Devices and Operating Systems Used

Each year, as Jamboree draws close, the Jamboree Committee conducts a survey with all of the registered attendees. The intent is to determine the most popular class sessions so they can be scheduled in the largest class rooms. Some interesting observations always come out of the survey, and we like to share them.

Here's the first of these Fun With Number posts.

QUESTION:  What type of equipment and operating system was used to complete the questionnaire?

If you are attending Jamboree and have not yet completed your Class Selection Questionnaire, please do so at your earliest opportunity. It's the best way we have to do a good job of scheduling and avoiding room overflows. Help us, and take the time to answer the questions.

You should have received an invitation on Friday evening. If you didn't receive it for some reason, you can click on this link and complete it now:


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