21 May 2014

Jamboree - Exhibitor Guest Post - Writemeaning.com

This is a guest post by Nancy Douglas of Writemeaning.com

Your Ancestors’ Handwriting Has A Story to Tell

Do you get excited when you unearth a new fragment of information about one of your long lost relatives? If you are like most of us family history enthusiasts, any new scrap of information is cause for celebration. What did they do? Where did they live? When did they die and how?

But what about an even better question? Who were these people? As in…their personality, their temperament, their intellect, and what made them tick? You can find out all of this and more from your ancestors’ handwriting. Old letters, documents, diaries, journals, ledgers, and Bibles can reveal the real story of who your relatives were.

Did Great-Great Grandma have a good sense of humor? Was she smart or adventurous or argumentative or all three? Was she and warm and friendly, or someone who kept to herself? And, here’s another fun question – have those personality traits been handed down in your family? With the help of Nancy Douglas, Certified Handwriting Analyst with writemeaning.com, you might find yourself saying…”I got my blue eyes and my keen intellect from Great-Great Grandma!”

To find out who your ancestors really were, consider bringing some of your documents with you to the Jamboree for analysis. Come visit Nancy Douglas of writemeaning at Jamboree Booth #133. Feel free to contact her in advance by email at nancy@writemeaning.com, or visiting the website at www.writemeaning.com.

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