05 June 2013

Jamboree / Family History and DNA: Pink Sheets Available for Download

The Pink Sheets are Here! The Pink Sheets are here!  Well, one set is available.

The Pink Sheets for the Family History and DNA conference are now available for download. They can be found on the Jamboree App under "Show Documents" as well as on the Jamboree website.

Those familiar with Jamboree know that the Pink Sheets are the most valuable communication tool at Jamboree. They really are pink, and they are legal-sized pages that list the schedule, important items like the social media, seating and filming policies, and critical items such as food and parking.

The Jamboree Pink Sheets will be online later today. I will post a note when they are ready.

If you haven't downloaded the App yet, we strongly encourage you to do that. We will start sending announcements through the App later today, and you won't want to miss a single one. Everyone -- iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, all web-enabled phones and those who are using their browser -- can access the App here:  http://app.core-apps.com/scgs2013

Remember these are legal-size sheets, so if you print them out, you'll want to change your paper type or adjust the printer to print on letter size paper.

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