03 June 2013

Buy the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree on a Thumb Drive!

Our conference recording partner, Conference Resource, has made an outstanding offer available to our blog readers.

They are offering the opportunity to preorder a thumb drive with all of the audio recorded sessions for just $186, which includes a $15 pre-conference discount. At Jamboree and thereafter the price will be $199. The thumb drive will have around 115 recorded sessions.

For the best bargain, you can order the entire recorded session set, which includes nearly 35 DVDs of video recordings and about 115 audio presentations for $286. You'll see the speaker, see the visuals, and even see some of the audience. After the conference it will be $299.

Please note that not all of the sessions will be included on the recordings. For example, the sessions that are video streamed will not be included in the Conference Resource set. Some speakers have requested that we not record their sessions, and of course we will respect their wishes. The pink sheets, which will be posted online in the next day or so, will have indications of the sessions that will be available by audio recording, video recording, live streaming, or not recorded. Watch this space for the Pink Sheet announcement.

At some point after Jamboree, recordings will be available on a session-by-session basis.

Session recordings will also be available at Jamboree. In the off chance that you want to attend two or even three sessions at the same time, you'll be able to ~almost~ clone yourself and be in two places at once. Conference Resource will be in the rounded kiosk closest to the Pavilions. They are great guys who do very high quality work.

It's almost like being in the room.

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