02 June 2013

Jamboree: Baker's Dozen of Hints

And following on the heels of the webinar handout, committee member Lynne Parmenter put together this list of suggestions:.

Jamboree hints by the baker’s dozen …

What’s pink and answers almost all your question while attending Jamboree?  The official “pink sheet”!  It includes any last minute changes, lists classes and events, times, rooms and has a map of the facility so you can easily make your way to the nearest restroom.  It also gives information about lunch choices, the raffle, the parking discount, and which lectures will be recorded. 

If you miss a lecture, or want to hear a repeat of your favorite speaker, don’t fret.   You can order it on CD at a modest cost.  Order at the Conference Resource desk in the Conference Center hallway. But... here's an even better idea. You can preorder all of the recorded sessions on a thumb drive! The preorder price saves you $15 and can be ordered here:  Conference Resource Jamboree 2013.

It’s hot.  It’s cold.  It’s a typical conference center.  Dress in layers so you can be comfortable as the room temperatures change.

Image may be everything in LA, but now is the time for comfortable shoes.  Between changing lecture rooms, visiting the Exhibit Hall and meeting friends here and there, you’re going to clock some good distance. Hurting feet inhibit learning. Just be comfortable!

Water, water everywhere …  Dehydration causes fatigue and now is when you want to be at your best.  Water stations are located in the Conference Center classrooms and in the hotel Lobby.  Drink up!

Seats for lectures are first come first serve.  As you leave one session go directly to your next choice and secure a seat.  Leave your sweater or other less valuable item to hold you place and then head to the restroom, if needed.

Be prepared!  Some lectures may fill.  Have a second choice selected so you won’t be disappointed.

Yes, we really do have a fire marshall who roams the conference areas. We can’t exceed maximum seating and allow standing in the back or sitting in the aisles. They will shut the lecture down. Now that would be a bad way to miss a great speaker.

Help us to help the less mobile.  Genealogy is a great hobby for the less than 100% mobile.  If a volunteer asks you to change seats so they can accommodate a wheel chair or motorized chair, please be gracious.  Your fellow attendee will be grateful as will the volunteer trying to accommodate everyone.  Bless you.

The Marriott Center is a public place. Keep an eye on your valuables and don’t leave them unattended. If you do lose something, check the lost and found at the Sales Desk in the Conference Center and the Front Desk in the hotel.

This could be the year you solve that pesky brick wall problem!  Bring your research and your genealogical software questions to Jamboree. You’ll have so many chances to get an answer.  In addition to the classes and speakers, the Southern California Chapter, Association of Professional Genealogists will be offering free consultations.  Sign-ups will be available at Jamboree in the Conference Center lobby. On Friday morning, the Genealogy World Round Tables will offer over 20 topic discussions led by area specialists. And, the Exhibit Hall will be loaded with experts in their booths.  Feeling lucky yet?

12. Bring those preprinted name and address labels for the backs of your raffle tickets.  This year there are over 150 really terrific prizes, many worth hundreds of dollars. 

13. All learning and no play makes for a dull genealogist.  Don’t forget the Jamboree tradition of “Shirt Day” on Sunday. Take a trip to your local second hand store and join us as we salute The Red, White and Blue. Whimsy is under rated. Exercise your sense of play. Extra credit for tie-dye.

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