04 May 2013

Family History: The Mother's Day Gift that Will *REALLY* Keep On Giving!

One year for Christmas, I gave Mom lessons to learn cake decorating at the local community college. The adult ed term started in January. I bought her all the Wilton stuff she would need, including those small metal tips, and stuck them in a small package along with the gift certificate to the class.  I loved taunting her by shaking the package so she could hear all those metal tips tinkling inside.

When she opened the package, her face took on this "What the ....??" look that we all have seen from our mothers at one time or another. I don't think she thought it was such a great idea at first. If I remember right, she mumbled a benign curse under her breath. Driving to the community college, across town and up, then down, a big, long hill in January in Iowa? Not her idea of fun. Heck, I probably would have had the same reaction!

But she went to the first one class, and then the second. By the third week, she was into it. In a big way. And we ate cake. Pretty, shiny, decorated cake. And she talked about how much fun she had taking the class, and admitted she probably would never had actually done it if I hadn't paid for the class. And with the knowledge she had, she was able to decorate cakes for years afterward ...

...which brings us to the real purpose of this post.

What are you giving as Mother's Day gifts this year? To your mother? or mother-in-law, or grandmother, if you are fortunate enough to still have them with you.  To your sister, or cousin, or daughter who is the mother of your grandchildren?

Let me suggest that you give them a very special gift... an open door to family history.

Pay for them to come to Jamboree in June. Whether it's for one day, two or all three days, present her with information, coaching, support and friends who will help her get started. If Jamboree is "too much" or daunting, accompany her to the free beginner's class on Friday morning.

Give her the knowledge that will last a lifetime. Many lifetimes.

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