16 April 2013

SCGS Jamboree - Research Assistance Call for Volunteers

Jamboree is just around the corner and the Jambo-elves are working like, well, elves. Badges and signs are being printed, schedules are being set (and re-set), and the volunteers are trying to keep from falling down from exhaustion. Volunteers! Without those elves, where would we be? Well, there would be no Jamboree, that’s for certain. Here is where you can help (don’t stop reading . . . keep going . . .

Last year, the Southern California Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists hosted and ran the Research Assistance room. Lots of knowledgeable family historians donated their time to help folks who had genealogical problems. Some problems were minor and needed nothing more than a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective to solve; others were more involved and needed the assistance of an expert in a particular area. No one knows everything! Even the most experienced genealogists will admit to having a problem in the family tree at some point. And even the intermediate researchers have knowledge that can help someone.

If you have ever assisted someone in finding a long-lost ancestor, clarified a bit of apparently illegible handwriting on a document, or just assisted a new researcher in getting started, your volunteering is of value to the Research Assistance team. To sign up to assist guests during Jamboree (Friday-Sunday), please go to <http://sccapg.org/jamboree.php>  and sign up for one or more time slots. Be sure to indicate your expertise and, if you are not comfortable with doing anything more than being “able to assist people just getting started,” that will be greatly appreciated! Our assistants come from all levels of genealogy, as do our guests needing help. And there are few greater rewards in the research of ancestors than to help someone break through a brick wall. So, come help crumble some walls!!

Thank you and see you at Jamboree 2013!

Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD, MA, CG
Past-President, SCCAPG

Thank you Jean Hibben for this guest post for Jamboree. In addition to her speaking presentations, Jean is overseeing the Research Assistance program at Jamboree. The Research Assistance program is designed to provide free personal guidance on nagging research questions for paid attendees of the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree.

This is the first of two posts is a call for assistance from the area's many highly knowledgeable, experienced genealogists. Look for Post #2 in May.

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