25 October 2012

November 3 SCGS Webinar Receives International Press Coverage

It's very exciting to see a press release go global. It doesn't happen very often; but when it does, it deserves its own publicity.

Riassunto: La Società Genealogica della California Meridionale ...
Samenvatting: Southern California Genealogical Society gaat door ...
Genealogische Gesellschaft von Südkalifornien setzt innovative ...
La Société généalogique de Californie du Sud continue d'offrir une ...


Yesterday's press release announcing the November 3 webinar, "Immigrant Voices - Angel Island Immigration," conducted by Roy Chan, has already been translated into German, French and Spanish, Japanese and perhaps other languages as well.
I was going to post a screen shot of the Google results when I searched "Roy Chan Jamboree" (no quotes).  There were so many!  Take a minute and do the search for yourself. I hope you enjoy seeing the announcement in so many languages.

Because it covers immigration from various homelands around the world, the webinar was perfect for the global press. Entering America through Angel Island were immigrants from several homelands:  China, Japan, Russia, Korea, South Asia, Filipinos, Mexico. Jewish immigrants also arrived through Angel Island.

Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 10am to 11:30am Pacific Time
"Immigrant Voices - Angel Island Immigration"

Roy Chan 

This presentation will highlight the oral history work of the Foundation's Immigrant Voices project. Select immigration stories will be shared along with ways which you can contribute to the growing public archive (http://www.aiisf.org/immigrant-voices.

The presentation will include information on researching Chinese-American residents, many of whom entered America through Angel Island. The webinar is co-sponsored through the Chinese Genealogy Interest Group of the Southern California Genealogical Society.

A paperback copy of Angel Island: Immigrant Gateway to America, written by Erika Lee and Judy Yung, will be given away at the end of the webinar.

The original webcast of the webinar will be available to the general public at no charge. SCGS members may watch this video, as well as any of the others in the webinar archive, at their leisure. SCGS membership is inexpensive and valuable: $35 for one year).  Join online for your convenience.

We hope to have a large crowd viewing this innovative session. Join the audience!

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