31 May 2012

Jamboree Social Media Policy

The Southern California Genealogical Society is an active supporter of the use of social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogging) at its events, including the Society’s annual conference, the Genealogy Jamboree. Event attendees are allowed and encouraged to promote, critique, and review the conference, its exhibitors, speakers, and activities using these forms of media.

Use of smartphones, iPads and other tablets, net books, laptops, etc., shall not disrupt other attendees. Mobile device ringers must be set to silent or vibrate during lecture sessions.

Attendees are prohibited from recording the proceedings of any lecture or workshop session by any means, including but not limited to photography, audio recording, video recording, or verbatim transcription, without expressed written permission from both SCGS and the lecture speaker. Some sessions will be professionally audio- or video recorded and available for purchase after the event.

Social media may be used to summarize or extract lecture content provided: (1) the author is referenced and cited appropriately; and (2) material is not shared in full.

We fully respect the intellectual property rights of the authors of syllabus materials and lecture content. Copyright laws apply.

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