21 May 2012

Jamboree: "All I need is a little boost over the wall..."

Guest Post by Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD, MA, CG(sm)

“I have hit another brick wall. Just when I think I am on the right track, I run out of ideas to find that elusive ancestor. All I need is a little boost over the wall, but where can I get that kind of help?”

I am sure many of us have uttered words just like that. But this time, instead of responding with “I know what you mean, it is a problem, for sure,” there’s a better answer: SCGS’s 2012 Jamboree! Besides registering for days of helpful classes, all of which offer solutions to various problems, registrants can get one-on-one help from an experienced genealogist. Now, not all the consultants have certifications or degrees, or are even “professional,” in the strict sense of the word, but they do have areas of experience and knowledge that are greater than what others have. They may have just the step-stool tool to boost you over that wall!

To sign up for a consultant, go to www.sccapg.org and click on the link for research assistance. The Southern California Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists (SCCAPG) is proud to sponsor (along with SCGS) this special room for the benefit of folks who need just a little help. “Guests” or “clients” may sign up for a 20-25 minute session with a consultant (only one session at a time; i.e., consecutive sessions are not permitted). Besides the consultants who have already signed up on the SCCAPG website, there will be on-the-spot volunteers for walk-in help (sign-up sheets for these folks will be available in the Research Assistance room throughout the weekend), so if no one who is currently available specializes in your area of need, check the room during the weekend.

And for the readers of this blog who have an area of expertise (you need not be professional or certified) and are willing to help out, please sign up at www.sccapg.org or come by the room to volunteer a half-hour or more of your time. Thank you!

Just a reminder that research assistance is available to paid registrants of Jamboree.  Advance registration closes on May 28, but walk-ins will be welcome at the door.  Consultants need not be registered for Jamboree to assist.

Let’s shatter YOUR brick walls at Jamboree!!

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