13 April 2012

Jamboree: How do I Sign Up for Classes?

Many of you have written to ask how you indicate which classes you want to attend.

If you used the printed registration form, just circle the session numbers on the back page and send in your registration form. It's a snap.

If you already sent in your form and did not indicate your classes, no worries. You'll do what the phone and online registrants do. Read on.

If you register online or by phone, you'll receive an email notice in about a month to complete an online survey. That survey is the method we use to gather information on the sessions that you want to attend.

It is very important that you complete that survey so our results are as accurate as possible. We evaluate the registration survey and make final room assignments based on the number of people who chose each session.  More people = bigger room. In the past, we have gotten answers from only about a third of our participants, which leaves a big margin of error.  Please, please participate.

When you fill out the survey, you'll be able to indicate, day by day and hour by hour, which sessions you plan to attend.

Regardless of how you indicate your selection, here are points to consider:
  1. You are not locked in to attending the sessions you list on the survey. You are welcome to change your mind at any time.
  2. We cannot guarantee that seats will be available for every session you wish to attend. Seats are filled on a first-come, first-seated basis. 
  3. Safety of our guests is our primary concern. We do not allow overflow seating on the floor, aisles, etc.
  4. If there are sessions that you are particularly interested in attending, we encourage you to volunteer to serve as room monitor for one or more sessions, which will assure that you will have a seat. 
Room monitors help to get people seated, distribute and collect evaluation forms, communicate with conference leaders when necessary, and assure compliance with fire marshal regulations. If you wish to help as a room monitor, volunteer at http://2012JamboreeVolunteers.surveyconsole.com.

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