26 February 2012

Jamboree: Carpool Set Up on RideBuzz.org

Yikes. Gas prices are such a pain! It's early and Jamboree is still four months away, but we wanted to give you a money-saving transportation alternative to consider.

We've set up a group on RideBuzz.org. You can list your request for a ride, or you can list that you have seats open. Check out the listing on RideBuzz.org and investigate the options. 

Whether you're driving across town or traveling a few hundred miles, check out RideBuzz. It's a great way to meet new people, reduce your conference expense and make room for one more car in the Marriott parking lot. All good things!

1 comment:

micama said...

This is great, I live in San Jose Ca, if anyone is going, I can drive or I can ride with someone.