17 May 2010

Genealogy Authors: Sell Your Books at Jamboree

Genealogy Authors: Are you interested in selling your books at Jamboree? We will be glad to handle sales through the SCGS sales table in return for a modest handling fee. We will take care of the taxes and promote your books. If you will be at Jamboree, we will schedule you for book signings at times that are best for you.

If you're selling books from your own booth, let us know and we'll schedule you for book signings as well. We want to help you succeed, and we want to provide as many resources to our exhibit hall shoppers as we can.

Interested? You can get the scoop, give us your desired schedule for book signings, and provide all the financial details about the book sale, please read the information at http://JamboreeBookSales.surveyconsole.com

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