28 March 2010

SCGS "Genealogy Conference" Webinar a big Success!

On Saturday, March 27, SCGS hosted its first webinar, with George G. Morgan speaking on "How to get the Most out of a Genealogy Conference."

Over 120 people from 20 states, plus Alberta, Canada, attended the webinar.  That is so COOL!  We certainly reached a wide area with this presentation!  We learned that it's a great way to communicate with our audience, especially during the Q and A session.  There were some great questions tossed at us!

68% gave it an "A" rating, 26% a "B" and the rest gave it a "C".  George did a fabulous job.

The PowerPoint slides from the presentation are available for download here, and the video will be posted online within the next couple of days.

Thanks everyone for attending!

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