01 March 2010

Publicize Jamboree in Your Family Newsletter

Have you thought about inviting your cousins to Jamboree?  Just think about the benefits:
  • You could trade information face to face.
  • You could divide and conquer when you want to see two or three different sessions at the same time
  • You could see the family without having them under your roof. Everyone stays at the Marriott and there's no kicking the kids out of their bedrooms, and no one will plunder your refrigerator in the middle of the night.
Here is an example of a notice that went out to the Armfield family genealogists:
Hello Armfields!
Have you ever thought of a real-time get-together with the Armfield genealogists?  There’s a great opportunity coming up:  The Southern California Genealogy Jamboree will be held June 11-13 in Burbank, California.  It’s a three-day conference packed with over 120 class sessions, banquets, breakfasts, networking and fun. We have internationally renowned speakers and an exhibit floor with about 70 commercial organizations and societies.
I am extending a special invitation to all of my cousins to join us. The hotel has discounted room rates, and Southern California offers a long list of tourist activities.  If you’re interested, contact me at phinkel@pacbell.net. You can read all about the Jamboree at www.scgsgenealogy.com – click on the Jamboree link. 

Hope to see you there!! 

Feel free to borrow these words and invite your cousins. If you pull together a family reunion or you meet cousins that you've never met or haven't seen since you both were in knickers, we'd love to feature you on the Jamboree blog.

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