06 June 2014

Jamboree - New Member Benefits Announced

At its annual Genealogy Jamboree, which opened on Friday in Burbank, California, the Southern California Genealogical Society announced the addition of two valuable new member benefits.

“We are honored to have a strong member base of genealogists and family historians and genealogists who recognize the benefits of membership in SCGS. With the addition of these two new programs, we expect that an SCGS membership will become even more valuable,” explained David Burde, SCGS president.

The first benefit is the SCGS participation in the Society Membership Program provided by findmypast.com. Through this partnership, SCGS members will receive a discount to a twelve-month world subscription on findmypast.com equal to the cost of a one-year individual membership in SCGS. Since the Society’s annual regular membership is $35, that is the amount of the discount that each member will receive.

Burde continued, “The second benefit is especially exciting, because it adds another remote resource available to our members." Effective immediately, SCGS members have remote access to millions of military records on Fold3. Access Fold3 by clicking on the “Members Only” button on the SCGS website, www.scgsgenealogy.com.

Since all the SCGS staff will be onsite at the conference and unable to process new membership, there may be a slight delay before new members can utilize these benefits. Thank you for your patience.

Fold3 remote access and the findmypast discount are in addition to the many existing membership benefits, including:

- Remote access to WorldVitalRecords.com
- On-demand access to over 100 hours of educational videos from past Jamboree sessions and our twice-monthly webinar series.
- Discounts on educational events such as Jamboree, on SCGS publications, and on research team services.
- Online access to Los Angeles area records, as hundreds of thousands of records from the society’s 1890 Project become available.
- Guided research trips to Salt Lake City, Ft. Wayne and other destinations

Details on these new benefits will be announced over the next few days. Fold3 is available to members now.

Paula Hinkel
Vice President
Southern California Genealogical Society

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  1. Wow - why did I wait so long to join SCGS? Need to check these benefits out. I joined recently just to support all the great work SCGS is doing - benefits too! Congratulations on an excellent Jamboree. I love the mobile app (I have been using it to look up speakers' bios and their links, check out their handouts, and visit all the different exhibitors - all from the comfort of my home - sadly could not attend this year). I have been watching from a distance - thanks to SCGS and Ancestry for the 14 live-streamed talks and thanks to all those attending for tweeting comments and posting photos in real time. Well done all around! I almost (but not quite) feel like I am there.