20 December 2011

Jamboree 2012: The Big Reveal #3 - Exhibitors

There are so many facets of Jamboree that combine to make the overall experience so valuable. In addition to the venue and the speakers, the exhibitors serve as a source of consultation, assistance and support.

Tonight's big reveal is the list of exhibitors that have already reserved spots on the Exhibit Hall.  We have many long-time exhibitors as well as new faces this year.

You can click on the link at the top of the GenealogyJamboree blog, or you can use this link to go directly to the exhibitor page.

If the links don't work when you click on them, just copy and paste the URL into your browser.

A note to exhibitors:  If you are tossing around the idea of joining us in June, please move quickly to reserve your spot. Leo Myers is waiting to hear from you. The exhibit floor always sells out quickly and we want to be able to include you.

19 December 2011

Jamboree 2012: The Big Reveal #2 - Speakers

Meet the list of outstanding speakers who will join the Jamboree family in 2012. Many you've met before, and some are new faces to Southern California. After the first of the year, we will have more comprehensive information about the backgrounds of these instructors, as well as information on the presentations they will make.

In the meantime, please review the list and welcome our speakers to Burbank!

Are you thinking, "uh, where's the list?"

Look at the top of the blog, just below the banner. You should see some words (home, hotel, speakers) in gray or red, located just under the "Jamboree."  Click on "Speakers."  If you can't find it, here is a direct link: http://genealogyjamboree.blogspot.com/p/speakers.html

That reminds me. We are expanding the Jamboree blog to become a one-stop quick reference source while our new Jamboree website is under construction. Over the next few days, we'll add lists of exhibitors, sponsors, and lots of other aspects of Jamboree.  Keep coming back!

18 December 2011

Jamboree 2012: The Big Reveal #1

Click to download a high-resolution PDF
It's time to begin to tantalize you with details of the 2012 Southern California Genealogy Jamboree.

Over the next two weeks, we will release bits and pieces of the plans for the 43rd Annual Jamboree, culminating with the opening of registration and unveiling of the 2012 website.

The theme for this year's Jamboree is "Lights, Camera, ANCESTORS! Spotlight on Family History."  The theme reflects, of course, Southern California's long history in the film industry. If a group in Burbank can't pull off a theme like this, then it's time for us to hang it up!

But even more than the film industry, this year's Jamboree will spotlight the many types of artifacts, memories, cold hard facts, and even myths that form a family's history. 

We have some most excellent activities and events planned for our Jamboree family. Stay tuned and follow the lead-up to the 2012 Southern California Genealogy Jamboree.

p.s. - Are you stuck for a gift? We have an answer for you. Think about a gift certificate for SCGS. It can be used toward membership, toward research services, or even toward Jamboree registration. Buy it online now on the SCGS website.  You choose the value and we'll take care of the rest.