31 May 2010

Help SCGS by Shopping and Swiping at Ralphs

As I was leaving Ralphs the other day, I noticed that they were asking customers to upgrade their Ralphs Rewards cards. That reminded me that I had registered my card so that a percentage of my shopping would be donated to SCGS.  I looked at the bottom of my receipt and saw the familiar "SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GENEALOGICAL" (see photo) as confirmation that I had correctly registered.

The amount donated to SCGS is based on the total amount of a customer's quarterly spending as shown below.

1% - Up to $200                              
2% - Between $200.01 and $350 
3% - Between $350.01 and $500  
4% - Over $500                                

Ralphs contributes a maximum of $750,000 quarterly to be distributed among all participating eligible organizations. This is a valuable source of funding to aid SCGS in meeting its financial commitments. Per Ralphs, periodic re-registration is required so make sure to check the bottom of your receipt each time your shop.

Help SCGS earn the maximum donation per quarter by registering your card on-line (detailed instructions).

Go to www.ralphs.com and log into your account
Click "My Account"
Verify the Ralphs Rewards Card Information is correct
Edi your Community Rewards Information by typing "SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GENEALOGICAL" into the search box.

(NOTE: may take 72 hours to reflect registration)

You can also stop by the Tech Zone at Jamboree to register.

Thanks to Heidi Ziegler for this post

24 May 2010

Jamboree Genealogy World - Small Group Discussions

We are so excited about Friday morning's JamboFREE activities this year.  The events will remove the barrier of cost for anyone who is interested in learning how to trace their roots.

The free Genealogy World round table discussions make up a mini-conference of their own.  With nearly twenty different topics during each of two sessions, all participants are sure to find something that will help advance their own research.  The round table discussions are hosted by individuals who have experience in the topic or area, but they are intended as an information exchange.  It's a great way to get to know other attendees and make new friends, too.

Round table discussion groups have been set up for geographic emphasis as well as topics.

Geographic / ethnic:  African-American, English, German, Jewish, Mexican, New England, Portuguese, Scottish, English-Canadian, French-Canadian, Hungarian, Irish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish

Topics: Adoption Research and Reunion, DNA, Energize your Society Membership and Volunteerism (CSGA), Genealogists in Second Life, Planning Great Programs and Events (CSGA), Show and Tell, Society Newsletters (CSGA), Archiving your Family Movies and Sound Recordings, and publishing your family history.

Bring examples for the sessions that are italicized.  Be sure you also have your family group sheets, documents for your reference, and specific questions to raise during the session.  If you need something translated, bring that too.  No promises, but lots of help will be available to help you pole vault right over that brick wall!

You can download the complete list and descriptions of topics for both sessions here.

Preregistration is requested but is not required.  Genealogy World will be held in the Pavilion (the big white tent to the east of the Convention Center.   You can't miss it.  9am to 12noon at the Marriott Burbank Airport.  Be there!

23 May 2010

Jamboree - A Genealogy Destination

In the pre-Internet years, Jamboree was designed as trade show with some lecture sessions.  It drew local family historians and genealogists.

Jamboree has grown over the years to become a destination for genealogists who come from locations all around the country. This year we are welcoming attendees from Arizona, northern and southern California, Canada, Colorado, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and Washington.  All I have to say is WOW!

We look forward to personally welcoming everyone to sunny Southern California.

21 May 2010

SCGS Social Media Policy

Jamboree has enjoyed a special relationship with the blogging community since the first Blogger Summit in 2008.  Just two years ago, 90% of the active genealogy blogging community could be seated at a dais.  Now, we would be hard pressed to find a room that would hold everyone!

To ensure that we have an environment that is mutually supportive for the social medial users, our lecturers, and our lecture audience members, the SCGS Board of Directors adopted the following Social Media Policy:

The Southern California Genealogical Society is an active supporter of the use of social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and blogging) at its events, including the society’s annual Genealogy Jamboree.  Event attendees are allowed and encouraged to promote, critique, and review the conference, its exhibitors, speakers, and activities using these forms of media.

Use of smartphones, netbooks, laptops, etc., shall not disrupt other attendees.  Mobile device ringers must be set to silent during lecture sessions.

Attendees are prohibited from recording the proceedings of any lecture or workshop session by any means, including but not limited to photography, audio recording, video recording, or verbatim transcription, without expressed written permission from both SCGS and the lecture speaker.  Some sessions will be professionally audio recorded and available after the event.

Social media may be used to summarize or extract lecture content provided:
(1) the author is referenced and cited appropriately; and
(2) material is not shared in full. 

We fully respect the intellectual property rights of the authors of syllabus materials and lecture content. Copyright laws apply.

17 May 2010

Genealogy Authors: Sell Your Books at Jamboree

Genealogy Authors: Are you interested in selling your books at Jamboree? We will be glad to handle sales through the SCGS sales table in return for a modest handling fee. We will take care of the taxes and promote your books. If you will be at Jamboree, we will schedule you for book signings at times that are best for you.

If you're selling books from your own booth, let us know and we'll schedule you for book signings as well. We want to help you succeed, and we want to provide as many resources to our exhibit hall shoppers as we can.

Interested? You can get the scoop, give us your desired schedule for book signings, and provide all the financial details about the book sale, please read the information at http://JamboreeBookSales.surveyconsole.com